17 May 2016

Petla - Ceres - Stamping plate

I totally love all things crop circles, and back when I was still in school, I wrote about crop circles and the history behind it as a school assignment.

One can not mention the stamping plates - Ceres - by Petla without mentioning crop circles. This is because the stamping plate is of crop circles (!) how cool is that?!

Ceres is the Roman Goddess of Agriculture
Cereologists (from cereology) or "croppies" is what crop circle enthusiasts calls themselves. 

X - Files own Fox Mulder believed they were made by extraterrestrials 

At first when I heard the name of this plate, I was thinking about Ceres the Dwarf planet, but as soon as I looked at the stamping plate, I knew that it wasn't, though that being said the Dwarf planet Ceres is named after the same Roman Goddess, Ceres. Guiseppe Piazzi named it Cerere Ferdinandea, and the planet was given the astronomical sign of a sickle.
A tool it was first thought that people used when making crop circles, but it was discovered that the wheat was not broken when the circles where made.

Petla - Ceres

Closeup on Petla - Ceres

Closeup on Petla - Ceres

In the video above I am going a bit deeper in on the different images, and what some of them symbolizes. From Mayan Circles to Lunar Circles this plate got you covered.

I will be back later with another nail art using this plate.
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