29 September 2015

piCture pOlish - Kryptonite by More Nail Polish

Back in 2012 there was this piCture pOlish Collaboration Collection, oh how I longed for the polish called Kryptonite. It has been on my lemming list for as long as I knew of its existence.
I was thrilled when I saw that a girl was selling ALL her polishes, and sadden as she no longer found joy in nail polish as a hobby. So I decided to give some of her polishes as loving home. A place where they would be hugged once in a while. Shown to all my friends. Loved and cared for.

That is how, piCture pOlish came to my home.
When the mail man knocked on my door Saturday morning, I did a little dance of joy when I found this polish in the parcel. 

piCture pOlish -  Kryptonite by More Nail Polish
The picture was taken in natural lighting to really show of the gorgeousness of this amazing nail polish. I considered doing some nail art over it, but I could not do it. Searching for this polish on Google shows me that others felt the same way. This needs to shown off in all it's glory.

If you were to do some nail art over this polish, what would you have done?
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  1. Perfection. <3
    Agreed, this one should be displayed (and adored) as is.

    1. It really does. I am so happy I managed to squash this lemming.


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