28 April 2016

Freckles Polish - I'm the Fairest

Back in November I had purchased a Paint The Rainbow box.
Paint The Rainbow is a monthly box filled with specially made polishes from indie nail polish makers based on a theme that changes every month.

Since I was so busy with my "24 Days Of December" count down to Christmas Day with nail art, I completely forgot about it, and it went unopened for a long time. 

I pulled out the first polish, Freckles Polish - I'm The Fairest. A gorgeous purple glitter polish. Happy with the polish I closed my Pain The Rainbow box and it's been like that since. I still have no idea what the other polishes are...
Next time I want a new polish I can just open the bag. Hehe.

This was a very chunky glitter polish, and I needed to go in with a bit of dabbing to cover any bald spots, but a generously amount of topcoat and it looked divine. 

The following morning I took my suitcase to the shuttle bus to the airport and noticed a chip on my thumb. From there on, the chipping got worse and by the time I had arrived at the birthday party, mere 3 days after I had applied the polish, there was barely anything left.

I spoke to the maker of Freckles Polish about my experience and she kindly offered me a discount to her store, if I was willing to give them another try.
Ended up ordering a couple of polishes from her site, because I believe in giving second chances, and that a first impression does not tell the whole story.

This is not the last you will see from Freckles Polish on my blog. The customer service that I received from her was great, and she was very understanding and easy to talk to. I did not have any problems with chipping on any of the other polishes that I bought from Freckles Polish.

Purple glitter polish
Freckles Polish - I'm the Fairest

Purple glitter polish
Freckles Polish - I'm the Fairest

Check out Freckles Polish Etsy Store over here. 

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