18 July 2015


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 The last attempt on #boyfriendpicksmypolish was somewhat successful, I decided to ask him again to pick out some polishes from my stash. Last time he picked a pink polish and a stamping plate, and this time we went with all polishes.

Since last #boyfriendpicksmypolish -entry I have organized my stash, and swatched them out on swatching sticks. I asked him to have a look at them, and select three polishes. Not being keep on looking through so many swatching sticks, he decided to solve it with a formula in Excel.
Since all my polishes are in a spreadsheet it was easy to add a randomizer, and have the formula select three polishes to use.

It picked A England - Tristam, Zoya - Savita and Miss Sporty - 452.
I don't think it is possible to choose more random than that.
A creme, a velvet matte, and a holo.

I took the polishes out of their drawers in my Helmer, and placed them on my desk, in hope that by looking at them together I would get inspired.
A week went by.

Then I decided to just "eff it" and give it a go.

I painted index finger with Zoya - Savita, and A England - Tristam on middle finger and little finger. On my ringfinger I used a thin striping brush and made lines using Zoya - Savita, and A England - Tristam.
I decided to use Qgirl - 022 that I had recently received from Born Pretty Store, and use Miss Sporty - 452, to stamp with on index, middle and little finger.

A England - Tristam, with Zoya - Savita, and Miss Sporty - 452 stamped over.

I actually like how this design ended up looking, if I were get a do-over I would have done something else for my accent. I don't think those stripes worked well with the rest of the design.

If you want to get your hands on the Chic Flower Nail Art Stamp Template Image Plate Pattern #Qgirl-022 it is found at BornPrettyStore and it's sold for $ 2.99.
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