10 July 2015

Secretary's Nail Art Goes on a Vacation

I have been on a little vacation, and took some cool snaps of my nails during the trip.
I wanted to show it to you all, as they show just how gorgeous this nail polish is.

As I did my nails the night before leaving on the trip, there is not the usual swatch picture of this polish. I am sure it will return to the blog with some nail art on it, but for now, there are only these pictures.

Ever since I saw it for the first time, this has been a huge lemming of mine, and I was so happy that I managed to grab one on my latest Rainbow Connection UK haul.

Without further ado, here is Dance Legend - Solar Eclipse.

Dance Legend - Solar Eclipse  - Natural Light
 The first picture is taken in the car that we rented for our Castle Hunt - Northern Ireland trip. Prior to leaving we made a map in Google Maps showing all the Castles around Northern Ireland, and the goal is to see as many of them as possible within the year. Armed with a Sat Nav, a list over coordinates to Castles in the North, and plenty of coffee for a long day, we headed out.

Dance Legend - Solar Eclipse  - in Natural Light by the Giant Causeway in Northern Ireland
Dance Legend - Solar Eclipse  - in Natural Light with a view to Rathlin Island in the background

Dance Legend - Solar Eclipse  - in Natural Light holding Ice Cream

Dark skies was gathering on the sky, and it was time to turn in for the night. We found a lovely looking B&B. Soon after we discovered the name of the place...

Dance Legend - Solar Eclipse  - in indirect natural light at the Sleep Hollow - Bed and Breakfast.
Disclaimer: No headless horsemen where seen.

We survived the night at the B&B, and turned our noses back home, after stopping by 4 more castles on our way back.
I hope you have enjoyed this little post with my gorgeous new polish Dance Legend - Solar Eclipse, and I am looking forward to showing you some fantastic designs that I have come up with while travelling.
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