17 July 2015

Mosaic Tiles

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Long long time ago I bought some cool nail polishes from W7 at my local outlet store in Wales. I have used two of them, and for some strange reason I have not used this one.

I decided that the least I could do, would be to have a swatch of it on my blog. As soon as I got it on, I knew I had to do some nail art, and that is how this design was created.

W7 - Mosaic

I grabbed my striping brushes and made some random lines, making it look like mosaic tiles in a bathroom. Following on this vibe I rummaged around my stamping plates for something appropriate and found this little bird that I think fits the "mosaic bathroom" -vibe perfectly.

The bird was on BornPrettyStore Qgirl - 032 - (Bird Animal Pattern Nail Art Stamp Template Image Plate Pattern #Qgirl-032) I stamped using my trusted Sinful Color - Snow Me White. 

W7 - Mosaic - stripes in L.A. Color - Splash and bird is from BornPrettyStore Qgirl - 032, stamped in Sinful Color - Snow Me White.
I was starting to run a bit low on Sinful Color - Snow Me White, and was getting a bit stressy over it as I have yet to find it in Northern Ireland, but luckily I managed to snatch with me 2 when I was in Finland a while back.

I have also done these nails using this plate:
Autumn Fields 
Colourful Fields

If you want to pick up this plate, feel free to use my code (RAMG10) to get 10% off your order.
Born Pretty Store also offers free shipping worldwide.

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  1. Love your subtle pattern with the pop of the bird. :)

    1. Thank you. I think it came together quite well


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