3 July 2015

Barry M - Silk - Forest

I live on the Emerald Isle, so whenever I see emerald/forest green or any other polish with some green in it, I often feel the need to pick them up.
This nail polish came into my possession in such a way.

You are cruising down the lanes of Boots, saying in your head as you go: Got it, got it, got it, boring, dupe, dupe, boring, ugly, got it, got it, got it... and so on.
That's me, checking out my local Boots.

The difference today was that I had a closer look at the Silk collection Barry M came out with a while back (last year). I got Blossom already, and was not very impressed over it (to be honest, I think I just picked the wrong shade, I don't really like pinks anyway...).
So I decided to give Forest a try.

As I picked it up, I said sternly to the nail polish, "don't disappoint me now".

...and it didn't.

Barry M - Silk - Forest

Barry M - Silk - Forest

I wanted to make sure the polish would be seen in all it's glory, so I swatched it over a coat of W7 - White, and used two coats for full opacity.

With a name like Forest, a part of me would have wanted this to be leaning more green, but I think the shade is gorgeous as it is.

Sultry and Rich Jewel toned polish? Yes please!

Have a great weekend everyone!
Dina Ramse Training and Developement

Secretary, Hiking-entusiast, Gamer and Nail Art Addict.


  1. This looks gorgeous, these types of shades always grab me too. I'm so glad this polish redeemed your faith in the Barry M's, I simply love the silk and gelly collections, I have to stop myself from wanting to use them for every piece of nail art! xx

    1. I may have had my doubts about the Silk Collection,but this made me go back and buy the rest of the collection.

      Love em!


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