1 May 2014

10 or more Nail Polish Tag!

I have always wanted to make a tag, and while I was catching up on my YT-videos, I got this great idea for a tag. There is a similar tag out for makeup, but not a single one for nail polish addicts. So I decided to go ahead and do that. If you are reading this, consider yourself tagged!

If you have a huuuge collection (my collection just passed 350), feel free to make it just about the ones you have the most of.

The tag is about the brands we seem to have the most of in our collections, that we bought with our own money, and went back to purchase more of.  Within the brand, which ones are your favorite?

BrandNumber of polishes
Barry M15
China Glaze14
Models Own17
Sinful Color12

Sinful Color

My favorites: Savage and Snow Me White.
I use Snow Me white for stamping (mainly) I just love it for that, and have several backups . Savage was a polish from Sinful Color that completely surprised me. I bought it last summer, and hadn't used it, or even swatched it, so one day I decided to try it out, and was blown away over how cool this polish is. It doesn't look it in the bottle, but it transfers to this gorgeous matte shade.


My favorites: Golden Suede, Aqua Suede, and Mauve Suede.
I fell in love with the whole Suede -thing last summer. And these three was the reason for it. I got them at my local Factory Store, and bought the whole collection. Can't really go wrong when they are only £ 2 ea. This brown looking suede wasn't brown at all, but this gorgeous golden toned with silver shimmer, perfect for backgrounds or just alone. I was sold. I actually did a Steampunk nail art using this golden shade. If you type "golden Suede" in the search bar you can find the post.


My favorites: Aruba Blue, and Trophy Wife

Aruba Blue and Trophy Wife was the first polishes I got from Essie. I  had just landed a small bonus, and I burned it all up on polishes. Aruba Blue is gorgeous cool toned intense blue. It's super bright, and just makes you long for an extended vacation. Trophy Wife is such a complex colour and it works great with my skin tone. Whenever I wear it, it makes me stretch my hands and admire my nails .

China Glaze

Ruby Slippers, Luxe and Lush and For Audrey.

For Audrey, I don't think I need to explain that one. We all get it, right? It was also my first lemming.  Second lemming was Ruby Slippers (I love Wizard of Oz, and just NEEDED this in my life), third lemming, which I had to work very hard to get, was Luxe and Lush. It's finally mine. The shipping was a killer, but it's now mine.


My favorites: A Sin Worth Commiting, Toxic Seduction, and Like it like that.
Thanks to a nail polish - angel, also calle Mishka from Lacquer or Leave Her! I have Misa polishes. These three are my favorites. A Sin Worth Commiting for the AMAZING blue colour. It's like a winter night sky, or Disney type magic, or something along those lines. The other two, simply cause i love green. Like it like that, is slightly not so green but teal-ish.. But somewhere in the midle there.


My favorites: Live or Let Die, and Spotted.

I have to admit, I have not tried any of the crackles from OPI I just own them. I'm a bad blogger. I should try them... Live or Let Die was a lemming, and whenever I was out flying, I was constantly looking for it, but they where always sold out, until... one day... I think I left from Manchester on Terminal 1 (or it might have been that time I flew to Dublin.. or Italy... anyhow.. it was last year. I found it. Wait, I think I remember. I think it was the Oslo airport... or Rygge... Darn it. I can't remember. 
Anyhow. I own OPI Spotted, cause everyone have been raving about it. I haven't actually used this one either. (ooopsie) come to think about it, I have only tried OPI - Live or Let Die...

Models Own

My favorites: Mystic Mauve, Gold Rush and Golden Green Beetle Juice.

I love these polishes for some simple reason. One is a green, and the other two... well I made a gradient with them, and it was perfect. So I love them. I don't know if you can see it, but in the top picture half of my Models Own polishes are still intact in their original plastic wrapper. Until I use them, they will remain so. 

Barry M

My favorites: Watermelon, Racing Green and Emerald Green.
Green!!!!!!!! Yupp. I love Watermelon, because its AMAZI-BALLZ, and the other two are gorgeous greens.


My favorites: Deep Deep Water, and Fantasy Ocean. 

I don't really think all those minis count, but I included them anyway. My favorites are these two from the Ocean trio. I did a manicure using all three, but only fell in love with these two. One if a gorgeous purple/blue (blurple), and the other one is a teal/green thing with golden undertones and shimmer.

There you have it. My favorites within the brands I have 10 or more polishes in. If you do this tag, feel free to add it in the comment section below, I would love to see what your favorites are.

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  1. Wow, you have awesome collection. Here is mine 10 polish or more :)

  2. Thank you so much for the inspiration! I decided to do this tag for my 100th post. :) Of course, I use gel polish, so mine's a little different, but this is what I came up with: http://gel-luv.blogspot.com/2014/05/100th-post-10-or-more-gel-polishes-tag.html


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