1 October 2015

Misslyn - Smoothie - Kiwi Bomb

Today is the 1st of October, someone please wake that guy up, September is over!
That's a great song actually.

Over to something completely different. My nails. That are coated in a Kiwi Bomb that is refusing to show up true to colour on camera. SpaƟ! Not!

Misslyn - Smoothie - Kiwi Bomb

It is shown here with 2 coasts and as you can see on my ring finger there is still some visible nail line (VNL). The colour is actually a little bit more on the green side, I would not call it a kiwi green though.
This is a German brand, that I picked with me while on holiday, I did not see the rest of the Forbidden Fruit collection. There is also a berry and a pink in this collection, 87M - Sweet Blackberry and 87N - Yummy Cherry. For those of you wondering.

It was easy to apply, and it was very fun with the black glitters in the mix. I was hoping it to be more like the Accessorize - Dragonfly and the Speckled collection, but the green and the black micro glitters are so small that they blend in with each other.
I was a bit disappointed by this polish and had excepted more from it, but hey ho, can't be everyone's taste. I think this is one of the first times I have actually not liked a polish ones it got on my nails.

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