12 October 2015

Midnight Poppy BM-S102

As I mentioned in my Bundlemonster - Shangri-la plate review, if you were to choose only a few plates from that collection, I would recommend the BM-S102 - Everlasting Sun plate as one of the plates to pick up, as it is very unique, and I have not seen other plates quite like that other places.
The other plate from the collection that I would recommend getting is BM-S109, but I will take a closer look at that in another post.

If you want to see the full review of the Shangri-La set, I have a Youtube video, that you can see by clicking here. 

For this manicure I used Barry M - Silk - Poppy, and I did the stamping with China Glaze - Midnight Kiss. I really like China Glaze - Midnight Kiss over, as I think the golden tones in the two play nicely together.

Barry M - Silk . Poppy, stamped using China Glaze - Midnight Kiss and Bundlemonster - Shangri-La - BM-S102 - Everlasting Sun.

Stamping test with Bundlemonster - Shangri-La - BM-S102 - Everlasting Sun.

I wanted to create the image of pointier nails than what I have, so in order to do that, I took some tape and lifted off the tribal section from the stamper head. This left the "sun" part to go on my nails.

It's a very subtle design, and I think it could look really cool with more contrasts as well as the way it looks in this mani.
I am very pleased with the final result, except my dry cuticles which still needs some more TLC now that the weather is getting increasingly colder every day. 

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