21 December 2012

Casino Royale

I would call this a gambling Medley, is search for a better word. It's about gambling, and all there is to it. The chips, the slot machines, the dices, and cards, the smokin' ladies, and the money.

For this manicure I used a collection of plates.
Cheeky 31, 39, 55
Bundlemonster 303
Konad m22

Using nothing but 4 colors, I made this.
Sinful Color - Snow Me White
Wet and Wild - Black Creme
NYX - Matte Red
Orly - Viridian Vinyl

I had so much fun with this manicure, and enjoyed my night out trying roulette, and black jack. One thing is for sure, gambling is not my thing, but what do you think about the nail art?

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