1 December 2012

I am your Girl Next Door

I have been in the UK for a good month now. I have dodged away flirtatious men, and girls ( yupp, had a few of them as well), since I got here. Maybe I am the "Girl Next Door". But it feels odd to be flirted with, after so many years of being in a relationship. It's a new journey.
After 7 years of being in a relationship with someone ( Relationship 1: 3 years, Relationship 2: 4 years) with only 3 weeks break between them. It's safe to say, this is new to me.

So far I have had an in-game ( World Of Warcraft) date with a guildie, a "date" by txt (with the same guildie), various suggestions, flirty comments, and "I want you to be the mother of my future kids" (!!).

So with all this on my mind, I grabbed Misa- Girl Next Door. And wore it on it's own.
(wow, that's really deep ms.secretary, really deep)

I think this would be even better layered over another polish, or even for a french.
I think I had 3-4 coats here...

Where I had my, by-txt-date

After all that thinking, you just need to relax with a good cup  of chai.

Dina Ramse Training and Developement

Secretary, Hiking-entusiast, Gamer and Nail Art Addict.


  1. Darling, your love life is inspiring! Living vicariously through you...:)

    1. hehe, and this is only the beginning of the story. Who knows what will happen after I have been here another month. Is madness!! :P
      I love it


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