31 January 2016

Flakier Fire

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I have been subscribing to Glossybox for about a year now and I am quite happy with the service.
Pay 10 £ a month and get sent makeup, lotions, cleaners, face masks and what not, every month, sometimes they even include nail polishes.
Which is the reason why I am mentioning it in today's post, as the January box contained a nail polish from the brand Angèle, and it was a crelly red.

On the swatch above you can see it with one coat, and the picture below has two - tree coats.

Angèle Nail Polish

Now I wasn't going to stop there, after all I am the Secretary's Nail Art, so I dived into my untried box and found this gorgeous red flakie polish. Layla - CE53. I got this polish on a sale while on my holiday in Finland last year, so it was about time it got on my nails. This polish is gorgeous, absolutely amazing. It is rich on flakieness, so I only applied one coat of this on my nails.

Angéle Nail Polish topped with Layla - CE53

To finish the look I decided to use Vivid Lacquer - VL016 stamping plate that I recently bought, and you can see a review and stamping tests of the plate over at my Youtube Channel: Secretary's Nail Art, or you can find it on my blog by following this link.  To make sure that the flames was lined up right along my cuticles I tried using the Clear Jelly Stamper that I purchased from Born Pretty Store (affiliate link).  I think I would have done a better job at the look had I used a sticky marshmallow stamper instead, but I am so new to the Clear Jelly Stampers I wanted to see if I could get a feel for it. Once I have figured them out, I am sure there will be a video up on my Youtube Channel.

Angéle Nail Polish topped with Layla - CE53 stamped using Essie - Little Brown Dress and Vivid Lacquer - VL016

This post contains a "Refer A Friend" link and an affiliate link, nothing else to disclose.
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