24 January 2016

Vivid Lacquer - VL042

I wanted some new stamping plates and around Black Friday there was so many great sales around, so I took a chance on getting some Vivid Lacquer plates. Today I am showing you the VL042 stamping plate. It was released back in 2014, but that doesn't make it less relevant.

The Vivid Lacquer shop on Etsy is currently on a break, due to some issues with the manufacturer of the stamping plates. You can still see images of her plates over at Vivid Lacquer Facebook Page.
Stamping test preformed using Savina - Coral and my Bundlemonster Semi Squishy Silicone Mega Stamper. In case you were wondering.

Stamping test of Vivid Lacquer - VL042 using Savina - Coral

I made a YouTube video about this stamping plate, check it out here.
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