26 January 2016

Pictur Polish - Peacock

2015 was for me a year where I tried to get more indie polishes in my stash. The hashtag #itrustindiepolish started in June - August some time, and I started seeing a lot of people getting indie polishes that previously had not ventured in this market. I think that is fantastic.
Instead of supporting already rich large corporations you are supporting people that are doing what they love and trying to put food on the table by sharing their creativity.
I have been wanting to support more indie companies out there, and also in 2016, you are going to see more swatches and nail art from indie brands. Be it nail polishes or stamping plates.

One of the polishes I bought in 2015 that has been in my untried box was Picture Polish - Peacock. 

On the picture below you can see me wearing it in two different ways:
Ring fingers: Picture Polish - Peacock 3 coats
Remaining fingers: Picture Polish - Peacock sponged on. 

I wanted to try both ways as sponging on a glitter polish like this that has a coloured base can change how the polish looks on the nails. The ring finger that has 3 coats on looks different than the others, as the blue base is more visible when layering the polish. It also looks to have more depth than the other nails. There is less of the jelly base being transferred to the nails when sponging it on, and it quickly gained full opacity. 

Picture Polish - Peacock

Which way do you think Picture Polish - Peacock looks the best, let me know in the comments below.
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