11 March 2014

My Nail Storage and Nailstation/space

Like all stories, this one starts with a table, some nail polish, and the question
"How can I utilize my nail area the best?"

It's great having a flat, and one of the things I HAD to have was a Helmer drawer unit from IKEA. I started with just getting one, but by the look of things I will be needing another unit very very urgently, and that SOON!

I was surprised how easy it was to assemble. I did try to push the flips with my fingers at first, but found out fast why you should not do that, as I broke a nail. 

The polishes are organised by color, and type, but as you can see, I need more drawers to do it properly. 
So for now, pinks, reds and purples goes together, and white, black, grey, yellow and orange in one drawer. I have kept all the glitters, and effect polishes in one drawer. Not sure if I will keep it like this, or organize it differently later. Will see.

I am trying to find out how to decorate it. The room leads to the garden so I want to capture some of the garden into the room. I bought a green couch, and it made the room soooo much better, so I kinda wanna go in the same direction of home improvement.

Nail Station with clutter

I am also planning on building a wall unit to add some shelf-space for my stripers and tools, as well as giving room for my books and movies. As you can  see there is still loads more stuff to go in boxes, and drawers here.

Nail Station!

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Secretary, Hiking-entusiast, Gamer and Nail Art Addict.

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  1. I keep going back and forth on getting one of these...I think I need to. Also, I see you're a candle lover like me! :)


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