9 March 2014

H&M Gold/white glitter

While everyone in England and Wales is stuck to TV screens in the much anticipated rugby match of the year, the England vs. Wales. I am sitting here, enjoying the sun outside, drinking tea and writing about nails.
Will the turnout be anything like last year (Wales 30 - 3 England), or will the English get their revenge on the homefield? Time will tell.
I am more in aww over this glittery polish.

While on Christmas holiday in Norway I picked up this glittery polish from H&M.
I was originally going to wear a undie, but decided to try it out on its own.

If I had used a dark undie for this polish, I think it would have looked a little bit like looking at a town from afar while it's snowing. The houses giving of a golden glow here and there, but all you can really see is the darkness of the night and the white of the snow.
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  1. I can totally see that--with the snow and the blurry lights in the background. Very cool...Who won the rugby match??

    1. *grumble grumble* England won ... I was kinda rooting for Wales.


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