20 April 2016

Travelling Storage Solutions for Nail Polish Addicts

As some of you know, I travel quite a bit. Whenever I go on my journeys be it a long weekend or a month I always pack some nail polishes. Because of this, having proper storage for my stampers, stamping plates, and polishes is really important.

This post will not be about how I store everything at home in my Nail Cave, that will be covered in another post, another time, but this post is about some of the storage solutions I have come across that also doubles up and works great for travelling.  Be it across town for a girls night, or on holiday.

Below you can find a Youtube video that I recently made talking mostly about Jumbo Stamper Storage, but I am also showing a box that I think is great for storing polishes in when heading for a girls night, or when going on a holiday.

The first box that I mention is from  Really Useful Box and is the second smallest box that I have seen. the label says "0.55 litre". I think they come in clear, pink and blue box option with clear lids.

This box is perfect for holding polishes and little bits and bobs for nail art, like dotting tools and cleanup brush. Whenever I am visiting GuestNails to do her nails, this is the box I bring with me.

The second box that I use is for my stampers. It has the perfect height to store the stampers standing in the holder, and they don't move around and touch the other stamper heads so they are sitting safely in there. It is also from Really Useful Box and has the label "0.3 Assorted" and is 0.3litre.

I purchased my boxes from Eason here in the UK, but the boxes are also available many other places, including in the US. Check out reallyusefulproducts.com for more information .

The last containers and the smallest ones are from Superdrugs Travel section. They are called Cream Jar 25ml, and are the perfect size for spare/replacement stamper heads for your jumbo stampers.
There is room enough for them to be easily taken out of the container, and the lid does not close over them, so there is space for them to breath and contain that oily surface that they often have.

Storage Solutions: Containers and boxes for nail polish addicts.

I hope this post was helpful for some of you. If you, like me, have been searching for a better way to store your supplies for travelling and at home, these products might be something to look into.

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Secretary, Hiking-entusiast, Gamer and Nail Art Addict.


  1. You're so good about packing even nail art supplies! Whenever I go away I just make a quick count of how many bottles I will need if I change them every 3 days and grab bottles accordingly. The smallest the bottles the better it is. And no nail art stuff!

    1. I think my family is partially at fault for that. They always want to get their nails done when I visit them.
      If I am travelling on my own I find that having your nails done lets you get away with looking a mess, because they show that this is not my "normal self", and it only because I am travelling that my hair is all shriveled.

  2. I like seeing how other people package their nail polish and supplies for travel! Looks like you've found some perfect ones!

  3. The superdrug pots for stamper heads are such a brilliant tip! I'll be picking some up next time I'm there. I really need some kind of storage for transporting my things, I dread friends asking me to come and do their nails.

  4. Fun storage idea! I don't stamp, but I would definitely use this if I did.


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