24 March 2014

W7 - Space Dust

W7 - Space Dust, is another polish from the Space Collection.
As you know I have previously shown you Space Debris.

W7 - Space Dust is a teal based polish with micro glitters. It looks a little more teal than I managed to capture on camera, the pictures makes it look a bit more blue.
England isn't always that sunny, so this was taken on a cloudy day. It happens. I am thinking about investing in a daylight lamp and a light-box. Would you recommend it?

I am getting a visitor over from the South, and she is staying for a couple of days. I am looking forward to see her again, haven't seen her since her wedding. So is going to be great to have her staying.

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  1. Man, I deeply envy you W7 polishes. They're so amazing and such a bargain!!!

    1. They sure are. My favorites must be the Suede collection. I am still heads over heel in love with them.


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