13 March 2014

Eye Be Watching You

Ages ago, or shall we say a year ago, my friend Mishka (Lacquer of Leave Her!) made an Egyptian manicure that kind of stuck to my memory. Golden glitter polish with the Eye of Ra/ Eye of Horus (wha-ever you wanna call it). There was also hieroglyphs, but since I don't have a stamping plate with that, I decided to have some fun (hopefully not making any Egyptian Era fans out there angry with me).

I used W7 - Golden Shimmer as base, and stamped with MASH 36 using Wet n Wild - Black.
Golden Shimmer covered in two coats. I also tried a technique I never have done before. Mirror-image stamping. It was about time really. I haven't fully mastered it yet, but a first attempt was over-due.

What do you think?
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  1. I love this. Please share how you did it...Tutorial please!!

    1. Really? A tutorial?

      Sure can do Miss!


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