13 November 2012

MakeupMekka Haul

I have been on a trip back to Norway to get some of my stuff over the border. 
I went on a 24 hour drive, over two days, and drove about 2.400 km. 
Crossed 6 borders. 

Not doing that again, I tell you.
Next time, I will get someone to move for me. 

I got time to get some nail polish while I was in Norway, and this is what I got. 

R to L: Strawberry Daiquiri, Charlotte Grey, Join The Navy, Paint the Town, Me: Blue Blood, Green And Tonic, Remember 79'.

Will see if I can get some swatches, but at first glance I am guessing Me: Blue Blood is going to be a dupe on YSL - Bleu Majorelle, so lets start there.
But not tonight. Now its time for bed, and I will swatch the cobalt's tomorrow.
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