15 November 2012

Makeup Mekka - Remember 79'

It was about time I got into the habit of doing my nails again. I have been missing out a lot, cause of the moving to UK and all, but the worse parts are over.
Last night I tried Makeup Mekka - Remember 79'.

I am so happy that my nubs are starting to grow out, and I am taking as good care of them as I can. I have been trimming my little finger-nail a lot, cause it grows like crazy, while the rest of them don't. 

I really like this color here, it was easy to apply, worked well with the brush it came with. Doesn't have a terrible smell to it, quite ordinary as nail polish goes. Covered in two coats. 

I couldn't leave it like this, and I debated with myself for a long time, before I decided to get my stickers out to play. 

I found a tripod in the computer room, and my landlord let me borrow it to take some pictures. I had a lot of fun testing the tripod out. Felt so pro.

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