12 May 2015

Birthday Hauling!

Tomorrow is my birthday, and therefor I have been hauling some little gifts for myself.

I am one of those people who love their birthday, I plan my day weeks and week ahead, and this Saturday I am going to the park with my friends for a picnic. This is a tradition I have had ever since I turned 20. Except for that one year when it was raining...

Last year I got a Helmer for my birthday, and it looks like I need to expand this year with a third Helmer. My nail/office room is coming together nicely, but I am just lacking the space, and need to expand.

But enough about my birthday, wanna see what I got?

Lots of Barry M polishes!

I got:

I got a 30£ giftcard from work, as the Top Agent Of The Month, so it meant I could get loads of nail polishes. This actually just about covered it for me, so a couple of pounds had to go out of my own pockets.

Rainbow Connection Haul

I bought myself the Creative Stamper, and I finally got my hands on Mallard by The PolishAholic, and my second Dollish Polish; Dollish Polish - Serendipity (Store Exclusive). I can't wait to try em all out.

I also ordered myself some clear nail art tips to swatch my entire collection. I am rapidy reaching 500 now, and felt that some order was in need.

Until next time, stay healthy and polish those tips. 

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