19 November 2012

In the Speed Of Life

So life here in Leominster is good. I like the area, and have been going on long Sunday trips with my Landlord. He is showing me all these fantastic places around here. I'm working on getting a job, and a work desk for my nail art, but for now, its all in boxes.

Lets be a bit crazy shall we?

Today's mani is made using 4 different polishes, a dotting tool, some stamping. I used Bundlemonster plate BM214.

If you ever consider layering/stamping anything over Orange-a-peel from KBShimmer. I would recommend using a topcoat between that, and what-ever goes over. Every time I have tried I have ended up smudging everything, even thou the layer seems dry (30 m - 1 h). Topcoat seems to hold it in place.

This manicure was inspired by my dear friend Mishka. She created this cute manicure stamping over a indie.
Using the same idea with orange, I created this.

Speed of Life

Speed of Life

Orange-a-peel, index and pinky.

Orange glitter from Claire's, on the two middle fingers

Stamped with BM214 ( had to redo two of my nails here, so i kept them in Speed of Life.

Misa - Chocolate Icing and a dotting tool

And that's it. What do you think?
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  1. Wow, this is really nice. These colors all go so well together and the designs you pick are stunning. :)

    1. Thank you hun. I loved yours more, but I really like how Chocolate Icing works with the orange.


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