3 May 2013

70's print makes me blue

Have a great weekend girls!!

Today I have Cheeky plate CH48 for you ladies. To create this manicure I used 3 nail polishes, and a dotting tool. I'm sorry for the scratches on my hands, I have been doing extensive gardening, and this manicure has held like a rocket through digging in the dirt, to sawing trees.

I feel like a 50's "You Can Do It" -poster girl here.

But lets drag us back to the 70's with this manicure. I hope you liked it, and remember for more 70's style, check out Mishkas take on this plate over at Lacquer of Leave Her!

Basecolor was Fnug - Bandana, I stamped using Essie - Bobbing for baubles, and dotted the center using Makeup Mekka - Remember '79.

Eeek! I look so pale!

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Secretary, Hiking-entusiast, Gamer and Nail Art Addict.

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