15 August 2015

My Nail Storage and Nail-station/space - Update

With a little update on my nail -station/space cave.
It's a part office, part hobby room and guest room.

The bed is huge and comfortable, and the room is still large enough to give me an almost 3 meter long desk with space for my Helmers and computer. Everything a girl will love.

I still got to get a proper chair for the room, but for now, I am using a dining chair.

As you can see, I currently got 2 Helmers, and I will be picking up a third one in a week. Overflow...
Vacation shopping does that to you. Haha.

My Helmers used to be decorated, but when I moved from Bristol, UK, I went back to plain Helmers. I actually thing they grey looks great with the white desk and the grey-blue walls in this room .

The room is not quite done, but it is certainly getting there. In the two top drawers in my Helmers I got nail art supplies and base- and topcoats. Then follows my nail polishes in alphabetic order after Brand. So A England to Barry M's in the second drawer, followed by the likes of Catrice in the third, and so on. I also got 3 drawers with makeup, and my makeup brushes are on my desk, as well as this cute cast iron mirror I found at Ikea.

I also have three glasses of nail polish swatching sticks on my desk. I use them to come up with new designs, and combinations.

Under my keyboard there is a desk protector from Ikea, I use it to make decals, and test polishes for stamping. I know a lot of people are raving about the UberChic mat at the moment, I might get it, but for now, this works great for me.

I also have a small notebook, in there I write down what polishes I use for what manicures, often when I sit down to do my nails, I don't write the post the same day, rather a couple of days later, so in order to remember the polishes and the plates used (while being able to clear up my desk after each nail polishing session), I write them down here as I go.

I have come a long way from having this as my nail area.

My office/nail area back when I started this blog in 2011.

My Nail Station in Bristol 2014.

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