18 May 2015

Max Factor: Sheen Merlot

Oh, hi girls, don't mind me, I'll just have a drop of this Merlot.

...and by Merlot, I mean the new Max Factor - Sheen Merlot.

Last week was my birthday, and I did a little birthday haul, let's be honest, who doesn't get themselves a lot of nail polish and claim them as birthday presents. Haha.
I will use any excuse to get me some new babies.

When I saw this on the corner section of the Max Factor display in Boots, I knew I had to own it. 
This is one of their Gel Shine Lacquer, and I have to say the sheen of this is amazing, it's butter smooth, and it covered perfectly in two thin coats.

Max Factor - Sheen Merlot

Max Factor - Sheen Merlot

I can't stop looking at my nails, they are gorgeous. I couldn't get myself to stamp anything over it either. What would you have gone for?
 Let me know in the comments below.
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