20 June 2014

Small Kiko - Haul

So as you might already know, I just moved temporarily to  Spain, Madrid to work as a gametester for EA. It was a huge opportunity for me and I just couldn't say no to it.

Today, we are working overtime on my project, which means I get to update myself on all the blogs out there, and do some blogposts. In between all the working of course, it's not like I'm not doing anything here. But the rules are less strict when working overtime.

Since my flat doesn't have a proper kitchen I have most of our meals out in pubs or restaurants, and it leaves little time for reading blogs and do some blogging. I have missed it so much. I have been so used to being updated on all the blogs I follow, the minute someone posts something, and now, I feel like I am falling behind.

One of the plus sides when moving from UK to Spain, is that I can easily get hold of Kiko polishes.

I mean. The shops are EVERYWHERE!

Every corner I look, there is a KIKO shop. One even had a grand opening just few days after I got here. I didn't go to it, but there was definitely champagne there. Quite the show.

These are the polishes I bought. They sure look amazing in the bottles, and I hope it transfers as well to the nails. I am so excited over these polishes. They are perfect for the Spanish weather with lots of sun and warm weather, so shiny!

So these are the polishes I got:

I think I managed to line them up, somewhat in order, so the furthest to the right is Kiko - 255. 
And oh my gosh, that green! It's freaking amazing!!

I love my little haul, and I hope you did too. I will be back later with some swatches for you girls. 

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