1 July 2016

Charlies Nail Art Haul

A parcel arrived at my door, and it contained a lot of nail art stuff that I am excited to show you.
 I wanted to try a new company and decided to order from Charlies Nail Art. 
Some people call this the UK's version of BornPrettyStore, and since I have worked with BornPrettyStore before I thought I would look into this company. The plus obviously being that they are local and you don't have to wait for 4+ weeks before getting your stuff. 
When you are a blogger and wants to stay on trend those 4 weeks can mean a lot of difference. 

While the stock is not the same as BornPrettyStore some of the individual items and brands seems to be. 

1 Wrap
1 French Guides
2 pk. Stickers
1 pk. Studs
6 Rhinestones 
1 pk. Holo Shreddies
 Several pairs of Nail Art Charms
1 bag of assorted Fimo slices
3 Foils
3 pk. of Glitter
1 pk. Flocking Powder

Charlies Nail Art does world wide shipping, for UK residents orders under £20 postage is £1.75 in postage, with orders over £20 with no postage charge.
I had my parcel in 2 days from ordering, so I am very happy with the response time. 

It will do good to note that all the foils on Charlies Nail Art are intended to be no-foil-glue-needed foils, but I have heard that for the best result, one should still use foil glue. Charlies Nail Art does not sell foil glue, so I think the best place to get that is still Dollarnailart, which is where I have been buying my foils and glue for years.
That being said, I think it was a lot of fun opening this Loot Bag. For £6.99 the content of the bag is totally worth it. It also gives a good idea of what sort of products you can get from the company without spending hours on putting together an order. 

Is there any particular product you would like to see me using for my next nail art?
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  1. That looks like one heck of a nail mail package!!

    1. Truly was. Looking forward to try more of this stuff


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