24 February 2016

She Sells Seashells Haul

I recently did a haul from She Sells Seashells, since they sell Uber Chic Beauty products and it means I won't have to wait for the parcels to make their way all the way from the States to here in the UK, and having to pay taxes on top of it, instead I get to order it from a shop in the UK.

I wanted to see what the shipping time was like as well as checking out some other products from the store. These are the items I ended up getting.

Mystery Valentines Bag
Stamping Plate Storage Holder
Chevron vinyls

I have tested out some of the products already and I am very happy with what I got here.
Have you purchased from She Sells Seashells before?
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  1. I did an order shortly after christmas buying the ubermat, some vinyls and the christmas mystery box. It was soo good, I loved everything, it was all packaged nicely and the mystery box had a few nice touches that made it so special. :)

    1. That is great to know, I absolutely love mystery boxes. I just ordered 2 mystery boxes from Bundlemonster, and I just get so excited over them.

      I am very happy with She Sells Seashells, quick shipping, and has a nice little extra touch to the parcel that makes it feel special.


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