23 June 2014

KIKO - 255 - Violet Microglitter

 As I wrote a couple of days ago, I just went on a little shopping spree at Kiko stores, that resulted in 5 more polishes. I didn't stick to one particular line, but grabbed some here and there. First one I was dying to try out was Kiko - 255 - Violet Microglitter
I wouldn't say that this is just a micro glitter polish, cause when you look at the pictures you can definitely spot some holo in there.

It was smooth to work with and dried really quick on me, but it left a gritty texture so it needed a solid coat of topcoat on top to smooth that grittiness out.
I needed two coats for this to cover completely, as it left a couple of bald spots here and there.

I hear some people compare this to A England Lady of the Lake, I do own that, but I didn't bring it with me to Spain, so comparisons there have to wait, if anyone is interested (let me know in the comments below, if you are).

I took a lot of pictures of this polish, to truly show how it looks in all the different light-conditions. So while the first few pictures might not look amazing, wait for it, until you get the last one, and you can see just how pretty it is in the sun.

Kiko - 255, indoor with flash
Kiko - 255, indoor, direct artificial light 
Here it really reminds me of Accessorize - Magic. One of the first polishes I showed on this blog.

Kiko - 255, indoor, indirect artificial light.

Kiko - 255, indirect sunlight

I am swooning over how pretty this on is in the sun, so pretty and shiny. What do you girls think?

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  1. My grabby paws reach through the screen and steal your polish ::grab grab::

    1. the holo flecks in this just makes it a must have in my book.


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