5 February 2013

S is for Shredded Jeans

I just loved this nail art as soon as I got the idea.
When I had made it, I was even more thrilled over it. I think it looks really good on me.
Something about the shimmer in the light grey color, and the intense white. If the background color had been pink it would have looked like Cotton Candy I am sure.
In fact, I think I might try that out one day. Who knows (?) I might like it.

I have been looking at my fan brush for ages, wanting to use it for something, not sure what "something" was suppose to be, but now(!) I will definitely go back and try this technique again.
This is not the last you see if it.

First two pictures are taken in direct sunlight, just changing the angle on my nails slightly to show of the basecolor completely, and the next is before topcoat is applied, and last one is with topcoat.

I used a topcoat I bought from BornPrettyStore, it has strengthener in it, and works well for not smearing nail art. but using it to often will make my nails like bricks, and they will make load sounds when then snap. Creepy, yes.

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  1. Very, very cool. I love the pocket accent, lol. :)

    1. Thanks hun. :)
      I added the pocket accent cause I sort of messed that nail up with brushing over, and needed a sort of quick fix. luck, really.


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