6 October 2012

Dupe or no dupe: L'oreal 406 - Burgundy Diva vs. Models Own - Magenta Pearl

Welcome to this segment, for dupe or no dupe.

As you know, I bought a huge bunch for polishes while in the UK, and when I got back home, I found out that 4 polishes looked like some of the ones I had before.

They where:
1. L'oreal 404 - Scarlet Vamp vs. Models Own - Red Red Wine
2. L'oreal 406 - Burgundy Diva vs. Models Own - Magenta Pearl
3. H&M Coral vs. Miss Sporty 452
4. 17 - Midnight Sapphire vs. Misa - A Sin Worth Commiting

So lets take a look at nr. 2. Burgundy Diva, and Magenta Pearl.

On this picture, you can actually tell that they are not a dupe, but in sunlight, they did look the same. 

Wearing, from R to L:
L'oreal Burgundy Diva, Models Own Magenta Pearl, L'oreal Burgundy Diva,  Models Own Magenta Pearl

L'oreal Burgundy Diva is a one coat color, with a C-brush. Easy to apply.
Models Own Magenta Pearl is a thin polish, great for layering. I used three coats on the picture, and it darkens ever so slightly for each coat.

Since it wasn't a dupe I though it would be a nice thing to do some nail art over it, to make it up.

I used Barry M - 302 - Fushia.

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  1. I think I like the Models Own a bit better. And I love your little scrolls on it! :)

    1. Thank you hun!
      I like the L'oreal on for the brush, but when talking polish and colors, Magenta Pearl is gorgeous. :)


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