23 March 2016

Ard As Nails - White Cliff Bay

Today I have for you another polish from the Bookouture Girls Collection that was recently launched over at Soap Dodger. Ard As Nails - White Cliff Bay.

Ard As Nails is a 5-free, cruelty free, EU Approved Indie nail polish brand here in the UK.

For this look I first applied 2 coats of Ard As Nails - White Cliff Bay, before grabbing my stamping plate Pet'la - Ceres and Peripera - PO19. I also used, as you can see in the video my Clear Jelly Stamper that I purchased last month from Nail-Artisan UK. 

Ard As Nails - White Cliff Bay

Pet'la - Ceres is filled with stamping images from Crop Circles, and while you may not be a huge fan of the phenomena itself, this is a very pretty stamping plate with a lot of circular images. I think they translate very well to nail art.
The rhinestones that I used for this look was from a bag I had gotten at a Poundland couple of years ago. They are not meant for nail art, but it's not like that stops me from using them for that.
Last time I checked you can still get them from their arts and crafts section.

Ard As Nails - White Cliff Bay Nail Art

Which version did you like the most? With of without rhinestones, let me know in the comments below.
There is only one polish left in the Bookouture Girls Collection from Ard As Nails. I should have the post ready for you all on Friday, so be on the lookout for that.

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  1. I love both looks. The color really suits you well. I'd love to work with rhinestones, but nail art scares me lok

    1. Aww thank you darling. I can't even remember last time I used rhinestones. They scare me too. Sometimes you just gotta jump right in it as see where it takes you.

  2. That base color is so pretty. I am a sucker for blues!

  3. Beautiful nail art and this polish looks great on you!


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