26 August 2015


So if you read yesterdays post about re-purposing your nail polish, you might be wondering what to do with all the empty nail polish bottles.

First we have to clean the bottles.  <-- Follow the link for more information on how to do that properly.

How about making your own nail polish?

Frankening (fránk-ən-ing) – The DIY practice of mixing one’s own unique nail polish using glitter, micas, pigments or eye shadow with clear or other polishes.

You can buy some really cool Frankening sets, where everything is safe and tested, and all you have to do, is decide how the end result is going to look.  As I am a Secretary, I have taken the time to collect this list of Frankening Suppliers. If you are missing a supplier on this list, please let me know, and I will add them.

  1. GirlyBitsCosmetics Franken set
  2. Nailite Franken set
  3. Overall Beauty - pigments (I have seen that DrFrankenPolish uses these pigments alot for her frankens)
  4. DrFranken's Lab (at the time of writing this, this shop is temp. closed)
  5. ShebaNails 
  6. Nail Super Store (AU) 
  7. Glitties Nail Art  
  8. Glitter Unique 
  9. Manda Makes 
  10. Micamoma 
  11. Wonder Beauty Products
  12. TKB Trading
  13. NEL Beauty
  14. Misfits on 8th
  15. Frank and Shine Designs
  16. BrambleBerry
  17. Nail Glitter Princess

Here are two of my frankening polishes. 

Secretary's Nail Art - Beauty In The Beholder

Secretary's Nail Art - EmOzean

Now, if you would rather skip the mess and go straight to the fun of having your own nail polish?
I got you covered. 
NAYLL is a company where you can customize your own nail polish, and they will send it your way.
You choose, and they do all the mixing, easy right?

NAYLL - Fields of Marigold and I found Loot. (both polishes frankened by me)

NAYLL - Fields of Marigold (frankened by me at NAYLL)

Until next time, have fun frankening. 
Dina Ramse Training and Developement

Secretary, Hiking-entusiast, Gamer and Nail Art Addict.

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