23 August 2015

Tutorial: Wired Nails

I have done some Wired Nails lately as you might have seen. If not, here's a link:
  1. Speedy Wired Nails
  2. Wired Nails

I decided to make a tutorial for Wired Nails, seeing as there wasn't a tutorial up on Youtube, only on Instragram. A lot of you girls are not on Instragram, me included, so I wanted to broaden the horizon a little for this design. 

I discovered the Wired Nails design through a friend of mine, and it was  NailYourIdeas that originally posted it on Instagram. 

Interested in learning how to do nails like:

Then I got the video tutorial for you:

If you are wondering why you have not seen the red Wired Nails design that I did in this video, here on my blog. Then I can tell you that Wine and filming nail art tutorials is just asking for problems.
Haha, gotta learn some day.

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