9 August 2015

Bundlemonster - Shangri-La Master Set

This is my 400 blogpost!

I did a little Bundlemonster Haul, and by little I mean large.

Maybe not THAT large, but you know. An entire collection, and 6 single plates as well as the Bundlemonster stamper and two gorgeous scrapers. 
So big a haul in fact, I had to pay tax on it(!)

Bundlemonster - Shangri-La Master Set

If you are anything like me, you had to collect your jaw from the floor just by seeing the awesomeness of these plates. Below you can find a YouTube video I made about this set, as well as TONS of ideas on what to do with these plates.

If you are on a low buy, or don't want the entire set, I would recommend getting BM-S102 and BM-S109 just because they are very unique and I haven't seen that style on other plates that you might have.

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Bye for now, I have a plane to catch! 
Someone asked my to run some roleplaying games in Norway, and I couldn't say no.

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