27 January 2015

Fuschia to brighten your day

We all have those days where we just need a quick "pick-me-upper".
Did anyone other than me start humming the "fixer-upper" song from Frozen? No? suppose it's just me then...

Yupp, that is me, making a snowman. Deal with it. Hehe. 

There has been loads of snow in Norway lately, and I kinda wish I was there. Here in Northern Ireland, things are just grey, and cold. Not much snow left on the mountain, as the temperature has been just above 0. The picture above was taken while there was snow on the mountain, and I ran up... well if you call waddling like a penguin running. To my defense I wore my Norwegian (in case of extreme weather) overall. It was NOT cold enough for that.

Back to nail polish, shall we. Try not to imagine me waddling over snowy mountains.
For this manicure swatch, I did one coat of Barry M - Fuschia on my index finger, and two coats on the rest. This shade is perfect for a pick-me-upper when the world is grey and cold. I know it cheers me up. Hopefully this post cheered you up a little as well.

Until next time! Stay safe, stay warm, stay happy.
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