12 January 2015

Pink roses over nude - a gelly adventure

I have been in a bit of hiatus from the Blogging world. Life happen. I think I am back, but my camera is acting up, not letting me upload pictures as I take them, so might need a new camera.

We had just finished a game, for some of us, that meant that it was time to go back home, for others, it meant another project. For me, it was another project at EA in Madrid, Spain.

The Nordic girls decided to hang out on day, and get our nails done, as a little celebration of a job well done. One of the girls was sporting gel nails, and we decided to try out some stamping over it.
Here I used Barry M - Gelly - Lychee as base coat did a top coat and some curing before we proceeded to the stamping, and cured again. I have never worked with Gel nails, Curing, and all that before, so this was a very interesting experiment.

The stamp is from  BundleMonster plate - BM-323. I stamped it using  Kiko - 493. Looking really close you can see some flecks from the polish here and there, creating an interesting look to the roses.

I can add that it did wear a bit faster for her. This can also have something with her picking on her fingers every now and then.

I love this picture. It took a while to get the pose right, but darn it, I am so proud of this one. 

Hope you liked this manicure, it has been feeling good to be back blogging again. I am currently working on getting the posts I prepared while I was in Spain, up on the blog.
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