27 May 2014

A single vine of roses

I have been wanting to do a rose manicure for a while, and when I was packing up stuff to go to Wales for a week, I decided to bring along my stamping plates and some polishes to do a rose mani. 

Having seen how it turned out, I am so glad I did. It's a bit unconventional, but I am sure you will all love it.
I wore this nail art together with a ballon-skirt that I bought last year, that is black with roses on.

Barry M - Superdrug Limited Ed. Yellow

Barry M - Superdrug Limited Ed. Yellow

 This is such a bright base, it covered well in two-three coats and went on smoothly. You can no longer find this polish in Superdrug, but I found one at my local Factory outlet for a pound. I wish I had bought this polish earlier, cause it would make a perfect yellow for Easter. This does however mean that my quest for next years Easter Yellow is over (!).

I stamped using Barry M - Gelly - Watermelon and the MoYou-London Mother Nature Collection - 05.
I like it when I can pull together a complete look with only polishes in the same brand. Barry M - Gelly - Watermelon stamped really well. I am surprised over how smooth it all went.

As soon as I finished this manicure, I was ushered into the car, so I didn't get time to take a proper picture posing with the bottle like I always do. This is me stretching my fingertips in the car admiring the mani. 
I did notice that the light the hand you use when transferring the image from the stamper to your nails the lighter the gelly will appear on your nails. The heavier hand, the darker it transfers. Just a thing to keep in mind when stamping with gelly polishes. 

Since I was inspired to do this mani, due to my skirt, I had to take a picture with the skirt and the nails together. I am so proud over this manicure. So pretty. 

Have you ever matched your nails to the print on your dress?
What is your thoughts about it?

- Let me know in the comment section below, I'll love to hear your thoughts about it

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  1. Very summery! And I love the green stamping on top.

    1. I normally wouldn't have done a green stamping on this one, but it just felt right there and then. I am so glad I went with it, cause I have to be honest, this looks pretty cool


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