15 May 2014

Nail-related birthday presents

Not to brag or anything, but I think my boyfriend just got the "Boyfriend of the Year Award". 

This is what he got me for my birthday.

I had prior to my birthday mentioned like a gazillion times how cool the MoYou-London plates are. He saw me oohing and aaahing over my MoYou-London haul that I did last month. Mentioning that I wanted more plates from them. 
To make the next haul at MoYou-London be smoother, I set up a "wish-list". A Wish-list my boyfriend found. And he bought me ALL the plates on the list that was in stock. This means 5 new plates for me!!!!

I can not express just how excited I am over this. This goes beyond my wildest dreams of what I could get for my b-day. 

MoYou-London plates

MoYou-London Tourist Collection - 01

MoYou-London - Mother Nature collection - 03

MoYou-London - Mother Nature collection - 07

MoYou-London - Scholar collection - 03

MoYou-London - Mother Nature collection - 06

Not just did he get me 5 MoYou-London plates, he also got me another Helmer.
I had mentioned that I would like another Helmer at some point, cause I am lacking storage place at my Nail Station, and we can squeeze in another Helmer between the one I already have and the couch.  To save my nails, he also built it for me. Ah my Hero. 

Ikea - Helmer

But it doesn't stop there...
He also got me some board games, and he did my nails. I will be back later with the nails that he did for my birthday. They might surprise you. They were definitely board game relate. 

Have your OH ever given you a lot of nail-relate items for your birthday?
Let me know in the comments below.
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    1. I was so happy I might have shed a tear or two of happiness that morning... :)


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