22 May 2014

Once upon a time ...

 Once upon a time there was a young little girl, with golden hair as long as the ocean. In her curls lived birds...

Okay maybe not. Though I am sure, that would make a great manicure as well.  I decided to go a bit more edgy than that for this "Once Upon a Time" -mani.

Sorry for being completely MIA on you all, I have been spending a week in Wales, catching up with good friends and preparing to move to Spain for the summer. I am so excited to go and work there, it's going to be so exciting.

I started out with 2 coats of Barry M - Gelly - Plum.

Barry M - Gelly - Plum

Barry M - Gelly - Plum
It did stain a little, so if you get this polish, you have now been warned. I find that these gelly polishes takes a while to dry on me, but I love the glossy feel they give of, and how "polished" my nails look with them. 

I had yet to show you a manicure using the MoYou-London Scholar Collection plate - 02.
I wanted to show the versatility of these plates, in not just being able to create interesting manicures within the obvious theme of each plate, but also how you can work in your other plates as well.
I used Cheeky - Viva Mexico (a plate I have not used until now) together with the Scholar plate, and I really liked how they all played together nicely and created this look.

MoYou-London - Scholar Collection - 02

Cheeky - Viva Mexico 

I stamped using my trusted Sinful Color - Snow Me White, and Wet & Wild - Black Creme. I also used Essie - Navigate Her for the lime, and a dotting tool for the salt.

Once Upon A Time - manicure

Once Upon A Time In Mexico

Once Upon A Time In Mexico

What do you girls think? I like how the black polish almost disappears in the plum, and only shows in certain light conditions. 
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