20 May 2013

Anyone said Cougar?

Animal prints is a fashion thing I never jumped on. I felt those prints where too eye catching, too "bright". 

I felt really brave one day and bought a Zebra printed dress/tunic online. I worn it once or maybe twice. It's still on the hanger, and when I'm going out with friends I look at the dress and ask myself if I feel brave enough to wear it. Too often, the answer is no. It's a lovely dress, with a broad band in the neck with black sequin, straight cut. I just don't know what to pair it with. 

On my nails on the other hand (pun not intended). It had to be tried. 
I wanted to go subtle. That if you looked for it, or the sun happen to hit my hand on the right angle, you would be able to see it. 
I have seen a lot of tri-polish challenges on my feed lately, and wanted to pair up my own combo.

I picked out TopShop - Mercury Miasma, TopShop - Cosmic Karma, and Orly - Sweet Peacock. 
Stamped using Bundlemonster - BM 221.
I got the same print on a Konad plate, but decided to take the BM plate, as the box was on my desk and the Konads in my bedroom. If you wonder, that would be the Konad - m57. 

This is going to be a picture spam, just so you know. I ran around the house trying different lights, settings, etc to make this really show. Needless to say, I loved it. 

Ringfinger TopShop - Cosmic Karma

TopShop - Mercury Miasma

Stamped with the opposite TopShop colour, and filled the big circles with Orly  - Sweet Peacock.

Needed some suitable underwear for a manicure this sassy. 

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