24 May 2013

Barry M - Chameleon Blue

Somehow this manicure was never posted, but here is it. A bit later than planned, never the less. 
It's a gorgeous blue color, I like the shine it puts of.  The Chameleon colours can't have topcoat on them, cause that makes them change colour. and even then, it doesnt seem to last long for me. Kinda puts me off wearing this, but it looks beautiful. 

... And ... its a stainer.

I tried it briefly last year, when I bought it, and it stained my nails like hell. (link to prev. blogpost) This time I used a different basecoat, but with no luck. I had it on for a few hours and even that was enough to stain my nails. I have tried it with Linda Johansen basecoat, and OPI Nail Envy, both leaves me with staines. 

Anyone tried it with other basecoats? 
Is there hope for this polish?

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