31 May 2013

The day before the big Blogiversary day

Tomorrow is my blogiversary!! Has it been so long already?
A year ago I was sitting in Spain blogging about my order from 8ty8beauty that exploded on it's way to me, and shared glitter nail manicure I had made using Accessorize - Magic, not knowing much about how to do proper pictures, and tags, not owning nail art brushes, or stamping plates, just an ordinary girl, that just stopped biting her nails.


I got an ever-growing nail polish collection (capping 300 soon), I got more nail art stripers than I will ever need. All the glitters in the world. I got foils, stickers, and brushes a-plenty.
My goal when I started this, was to do about 200 posts ea year, with nail arts, swatches and hauls. On top of this, I have even made a video tutorial (who would have thought ??!).

So who knows where this might lead?
It's exciting just following the road, and see where it takes me.

Most fun manicure:

Most messy manicure:

Favorite nerdy manicure:

Readers favorite: 

I hope the journey forward will be as exciting as it has been so far.
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Secretary, Hiking-entusiast, Gamer and Nail Art Addict.

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