16 January 2013

Daddy you're Hot Stuff!

I am still in the mood for girly manicures, and pink is the girly-est thing I know, so that's the color I will use.
I have been eyeing Models Own - Hot Stuff for a while, and wanted to implement it in this.
Seeing the result, I am very pleased in how it turned out.

I did not do step by step pictures for this manicure. It was made on a whim, and I wasn't expecting it to turn out well, so didn't bother to stop and take pictures.

For this manicure I used:
ESSIE - Sugar Daddy
Max Factor - Sunny Pink
Models Own - Hot Stuff
2 pink 2-way striper/pens (no-name brand)

First I used a coat of Sugar Daddy all over the nail. I dabbed on Sunny Pink on the top of my nails to remove the VNL, and add some shine. I used the stripers to make random lines to make it all go together. I was trying to mimic the swirls seen on galaxy-nails, just with pinks.

Since I was going to watch Star Wars that day, I added some Hot Stuff from Models Own, as if I just blew Death Star to smithereens.

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