11 January 2013

I am back from the land of Snow

I am back from Winterland, also called Norway by many. There was unbelievable amounts of snow, and it made me so happy. I got to spend some time with all my best friends and family in Norway. 
I was only gone for 16 days, but it feels like half a year looking back on it. 

I will show you what it looked like.

We had fire running in the fireplace, the soothing sound of wind howling outside, and the comfort of the warmth inside. Great food, and company. Can a girl ask for more, for Christmas?

I also got some nice presents for Christmas. One of my dates sent me 3 kgs of bath bombs from Lush (!!), a trip to Rome, Italy at the end of January. I also got some nail polish, will show those later. :)
My landlord has given me shelves, a hair dryer, and body butter from Body Shop (!!) 
And I realized I had forgotten my camera in Dublin. Bummer. Will borrow a camera until I get it back. Somehow.

Cant wait to get back into blogging!

Did you get anything nice for Christmas?

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