23 March 2015

Alice in Wonderland

I have been so busy with moving from a shared house to a flat.
Now, I can focus on my stuff, and not have to worry about having to sanitize the kitchen every time I want to make dinner. The flat has two bedrooms and one of them will be a guest room / nail and computer room. I am very excited.

I am planning on taking an IKEA trip soon to get the desk and shelves for my nail- computer area.
Since I started this blog; this is my 5th move, and this is by far the shortest move I have done in that time. I might post some pictures here when the room is done, and you get to see the three stages of nail room/area  that I have had through the years. From a little nook in a bedroom, to a corner in a living room, to a complete room.

Let's get back to the topic of nail polish. I have a gorgeous manicure to show you, and I wore the hell out of it.

I went to Norway for Christmas, and stopped a couple of hours in London on my way back to Northern Ireland. While in London, I can across this little shop with loads of nifty little things, and in one end there was a little box with nail polish. I knew I had to visit it, and bring some of those darlings with me. One of those polishes was HEMA - 56 - Holographic Bordeaux.

HEMA - 56 - Holographic Bordeaux

On this swatch you see two coats, and it was easy to apply and this is such a gorgeous polish.
I had recently done a little Moyou London haul, and I was dying to try them out. 

Moyou London Fashionista 08 - used the design shown above my thumb here

I choose to use a combination of Moyou London Fashionista plate 08 and Moyou London Alice In Wonderland plate 01 for this manicure. I choose the part of the plate that said:
Everything's got a moral, if only you can find it.

Paired the saying with a damask print from the Moyou London Fashionista plate 08, I think this looks very pretty together. I love how Sally Hansen - 640 - Plum Luck looks stamped over the holographic. 

Until next time, stay curious, stay alert, and follow that rabbit! 
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