16 March 2015

Charlotte Grey No More

I received this product free of charge for my honest, non-bias review from the Born Pretty Store.

Today I have for you a slightly different manicure, from what I usually do. I have adventured into the lands of loose glitter. What a dangerous land it is. Several days later I am still finding bits of glitter around the house, on my boyfriend, and in the kitchen. Luckily, this is also my moving day.
I am moving into a flat, a little two bed flat, where I will again have a room for my nail polish, and not just a corner like I have now. This is the last step for me, to finally settle down in my job and life here in Northern Ireland.
I will be leaving a shared house, with the occasional glitter dust around. Hehe.

I am not saying this was an overly messy experience, and you might see loose glitter manicures from me again. It did wonders working on a silicone mat, as the glitters did stick better to the mat, instead of swiveling all over the place . A fan brush was definitely a good friend to have doing this.

For the base colour I used Makeup Mekka - 571 - Charlotte Grey, and then I let it completely dry on my ring finger, and made zebra stripes with a clear polish and added the glitter.  For the rest of the nails, I used my super fine glitter powder - 71 from Born Pretty Store.

BornPrettyStore Super Fine Glitter Powder - 71

I really liked working with this glitter, and it stuck nicely to my nails, and I had no fall outs until I removed it the day after. Be sure you screw the lid back on properly before putting it away.
I had a little accident... nothing too bad, as it all was saved using a large fan brush (that is for computer cleaning).

The glitter comes in a 10 ml box (as seen on the picture), and it sells for $ 1.96,- You can find the product by following this link.

If you will be placing an order, feel free to use my 10 % off coupon: RAMG10
There are plenty of products to choose from at their site, not just nail related items, and the prices are very affordable and they have free worldwide shipping.
Click the image below and you will be taken to their site. 

I received this product free of charge for my honest, non-bias review from the Born Pretty Store.
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