7 October 2013

Innisfree - 83

In 10 hours I am out travelling again. I got a box with nail polishes packed, so that I get to do some swatches, and nail art. I am planning on experimenting more with acrylic paint and nail art.
It's getting colder outside and my nails and cuticles are suffering under the conditions.
With today's post I have added some girly hearts and white dots, using Sinful Color - Snow Me White.

This is one of four "Yoghurt" inspired nail polishes from the Innisfree line. Innisfree is a vegan polish, has a pleasant scent, nothing to overpowering. It comes in a milky base with glitters and have a lasting hold. Easy to use, the glitters glides on well. Only reason why I haven't used them since I bought them (almost a year ago), is because of the removal of glitters, it's just not worth it having to soak my nails in acetone and kill my already dry cuticles. So when I got my PVA glue and started using that as a base for glitters, well, needless say, I felt the urge of using these gorgeous polishes again.

Innisfree - 83.
Milky mint green base with blue and pink hex glitters.

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  1. oooo! Love the way the hearts go with the polish. :)

  2. Hey Darling! I'm tagging you in a Spooktacular tag...http://lacquerorleaveher.blogspot.com/2013/10/tag-youre-it-spooktacular-version.html <3


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